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pier 71 wines in Champagne, France

Champagne is a very special region in the northeastern part of France. Only a short drive from Paris, it’s worth making the effort to visit the area. Besides being incredibly different from what you might experience in Paris, Champagne offers a more curated time at our champagne house, Champagne Michel Gonet, and access to unique moments in town and with the community. Chat with us about planning your wedding, birthday or special celebration in Champagne, France at Villa Signolle by Michel Gonet.

Epernay, France in Champagne is awesome

If you are planning to visit France, be sure to make time to go to Champagne. Here, you will be able to visit the storied Avenue de Chamapgne and a few iconic sites that have shaped the way we see champagne. Unlike sparkling wine, Champagne is produced in the region (Champagne), with very specific and differenciating guidelines. Grower champagne is unlike anything you may have tried and well worth exploring. Please let Pier 71 Wines assist you as you travel to France and seek adventures in the surrounding areas. We would love to share Villa Signolle, by Micehl Gonet, on Avennue de Champagne, in Epernay.

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Epernay, France Avenue de Champagne