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FLEUR Rosé 2020  ♦   $25 / 750 mL Bottle

FLEUR Rosé 2020 DE L'AMAURIGUE | Pier71winesThis is it folks! If you are looking for the perfect Rosé, 2020 Fleur Rosé is the wine you will want to have all day and every day. Beautiful and silky at home, by the fireplace or poolside. The 2020 Fleur Rosé will never disappoint. At Pier 71 Wines, we have high standards and this bottle of delight meets all of our criteria for delicious.

This French Provence rosé wine comes from a parcel selection of grenache and cinsault grown on exceptional terroir in the heart of Provence, France. The rosé is characterized by a beautiful light salmon color. It has a pleasant and expressive nose, with scents of tropical fruits. It is beautifully concentrated, within the mouth powerful white peach combined with a touch of strawberry. All well balanced by a refreshing acidity and long persistence. It’s an elegant and aromatic rosé that will delight your senses!

Enjoy this crispy 2020 Fleur Rosé all year round, either on its own or paired with a salmon carpaccio, quiche, lamb or a roasted cod on a bed of Provençal vegetable. Of course, it is also the perfect match for your appetizer with some spicy toasts.

60% grenache, 40% cinsault ◊ Serve cool, but not too much…10-12 °C is great!

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Grapes: 60% grenache, 40% cinsault
Sugar content: 1 g/l
Alcohol content: 12,5 %
Average age of the vines: 20 years
Type of soil: clay and limestone

We grow our vines with respect for our environment, cultivating sustainable agriculture. The 2020 season was extreme again in the Provence. End of March we have had a severe frost in the vines for two nights. This caused a loss of about 25% of the 2020 harvest volume. Luckily the rest of the season went well, and the vines could recover and produce some really good fruits. The summer was dry and hot as usual with only 6mm of rain in 12 weeks. Due to these climate effects, we had a very early harvest which started on the 28th of August. Happily, the grapes could grow on their best potential with very good maturity, which makes 2020 an excellent vintage.

The grapes are harvested by night at optimum cool temperature and maturity. Direct low-pressure press process is used to produce a lovely clear and fruity rosé. This rosé is fermented at low and controlled temperature in order to allow the production of esther flavour by the selected yeasts. Natural clarification with only one filtration at the bottling in order to preserve and respect the varietal and natural flavours of the grapes.