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2011 Château Vieux Landat Haut Medoc

2011 Château Vieux Landat Haut Medoc  ♦  $25 / 750 ML Bottle

Château Vieux Landat Haut Medoc | Pier71WinesChateau Vieux Landat Haut Medoc Bordeaux wine from Haut-Medoc, France is exclusively available through Pier 71 Wines. A red Bordeaux style wine produced by the grandchildren of Michel Gonet, this Bordeaux was acknowledged in the area as one of the best Bordeaux of all time. Sure to be a favorite wine in your cellar, this delicious red wine will delight your palate and your heart.

Boasting 60% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Petit Verdot, the 2011 Vieux Landat Huat Medoc Bordeaux works well with almost every meal. The 2011 Vieux Landat Bordeaux has medium to smooth body, is leathery and earthy, but still alive with fresh fruit notes on the palate.

65% of the vineyard where Vieux Landat Haut-Medoc comes from has been replanted in the last 15 years with the introduction of Petit Verdot. It is indeed the Petit Verdot that provides the wine with floral and spicy aromas, along with a deep mouth. Between rows, natural weeds grow and during wintertime, sheep and chickens walk freely among them. The soil is composed of clay, sand and gravel. These features provide the grape with a very good ripening.

Elegant and approachable, this red wine enchants us with toasted aromas and fresh fruit tones that perfectly balance each other. Fresh and vibrant Chateau Vieux Landat Haut Medoc is drinkable immediately and can also be put in the cellar for more than five years.

The Chateau Vieux Landat Haut-Medoc 2011 pairs well with most meats, poultry and game. This versatile wine can hold its own with spicy, soft foods as well.

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Pierre Signolle

Haut Medoc