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Located in San Francisco's North Bay wine country, Saint Helena, California, USA.

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Tapan Ganguli, founder of Pier 71 Wines, LLC, has 20+ years working in the wine industry. His passion for wine started when he worked in Paris and purchased a home in the Loire Valley. Always hands on, Tapan’s vision has led Pier 71 Wines to the forefront of imported award winning & hard to find wine and grower champagne from France.

about pier 71 wines, LLC

Deeply rooted in French countryside communities in the 80’s and 90’s through his corporate job at the time, Tapan visited family vineyards for wine tastings, where he fell in love with their passion and drive for quality. Helping his neighbors pick grapes for their vineyards as a break from long hours in his busy Paris office, he would then be rewarded by being invited to 4-hour gourmet lunches with the owners and their family. It was there in the French vineyards, where his knowledge (and passion) of French wine and champagne grew. 

In the early 2000’s, Tapan moved back to the UK to start his wine business and spread the word of the outstanding champagne and boutique wine he had encountered in France. His association with the legendary Michel Gonet Family started when he envisioned leaving the corporate world and working full time in the wine industry. This relationship, which is now akin to family, has been going strong for over two decades. Since relocating to the US in 2012, Pier 71 Wines continues to source and import unique and unknown quality French brands to the US, both from the Gonet Family and a select group of vintners.

One of Tapan’s favorite quotes about champagne is, “I could not live without champagne. In victory, I deserve it. In defeat, I need it.” by Winston S. Churchill.


Our Team - Tapan Ganguli

more about pier 71 wines, LLC

Since our beginnings in the beautiful Napa Valley in 2012, Pier 71 Wines has carefully sought placement for our grower champagne and award winning wine. Perfectly pairing our products in the market is a task we do not take lightly. Our team at Pier 71 Wines delights in making the right match to elevate all brands involved. You can find us in many upscale restaurants, resorts and clubs. Check out our partners page to learn more.

While Pier 71 Wines supply wine to many high end resorts and Michilin star restaurants in the US, we also take pride in helping our clients and collectors fill their wine cellar with vintage grower champagne and unique French wine. In addition, we enjoy traveling to France regularly and visiting Champagne, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Cote de Provence and Paris. Sometimes we bring our clients and customers to France so they can experience vineyard life and champagne and wine production. Please inquire with us if you are thinking of visiting France, especially Champagne and we will help you connect with locals and make discoveries of your own.


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The Future of pier 71 wines, LLC

While Pier 71 Wines doesn’t have a crystal ball, we do have a lot of vision. We are currently working on a wine club for our customers and a French wine club for Utah. Our clubs will provide allocations for grower champagne and award winning French wines. We will also curate intimate packages to include visits to Epernay, France – the capital of Champagne.

Through Pier 71 Wines, you will have access to luxury chateaus and private guesthouses in France. When you join our family, you are welcomed in to our community and thus able to enjoy champagne and wine tastings, gourmet food and wine pairings, special local events with our partners, visits with the winemaker, invitations to champagne and wine events in other areas.

We are always open to explore new collaborations and creative partnerships with our champagne and wine friends. Stay tuned for more as we are constantly evolving our programming, while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency with our portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Madame Gonet in Avize Champagne with Tapan Ganguli